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Pond University

Pond University is a podcast that brings together aquatic scientists, landowners and pond professionals to discuss topics such as pond habitat, fish stocking, vegetation control and pond construction. It is part of the larger podcast network Natural Resources University and is funded by the Renewable Resources Extension Act.


Natural Resources University

Apr 15, 2021

In this episode of Pond University, we talk with Matt Rayl. Matt is a co-host of another podcast called Sitting Dockside, and is also the co-founder of a non-profit agency for pond and lake management called the Private Water Natural Resources Association. Matt talks to us about is passion and inspiration for building these educational forums for pond and lake management. He also goes into depth about aeration in ponds, drawing on his more than 20 years of experience in pond management. We encourage you to check out Matt’s podcast and the PWNRA Facebook page. Also, please consider taking our anonymous listener survey so that we can improve the podcast and include topics that you are interested in.


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